Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racist Rants ?

Jimmy Carter and others feel that racism was the motivating factor behind Congressman Joe Wilson calling President Barrack Obama a liar.
Because one is white while the other is Black?
Maybe Joe just doesn't think Obama's plan is the best plan.
Maybe Joe listened to too many of the talking points of his fellow Teabaggers.
Maybe Joe was just acting like the rest of his kind.
(But IMO - Race is the motivating factor behind Joe's outburst. Which is sad because he should have been more composed and thoughtful in making his valid arguments known.)

I wonder if Kanye would have gotten up and taken the mic from anyone other than a little frightened white girl.
While race was not the motivating factor behind Mr. West's actions - his perception of the girls race was.
He knew that Taylor would not knock him the fuck out.
Mr. West's words were neither brave nor noble - instead, they were a feeble attempt at demonstrating his idea of a dominant culture.
They were harsh words stated in a safe environment against a safe victim.
In other words - Kanye is a punk.

Serena had to know that the little Asian woman would take any animated criticism levied against her a threat against her life.
Just look at the line judge - she looks like a docile puppy who was caught pissing on one's carpet.
Since the perceptions of the respective races are at the opposite ends of the spectrum (Black = big and bad, while Asian = slight and feeble), the muscled Serena is seen as picking on her terrified victim.
Was race the motivating factor or an underlying cause of Serena's anger?
Was race even considered when Serena protested the call?
The heart of the argument was the wrong call at the wrong time by a line judge who doesn't understand that fans come to these events to watch players play - not to watch line judges make calls.

So... in the three recent cases of poor etiquette (all being blamed on race) - only one seems to even have originated with race.
Apparently, not all negative interactions between races are examples racism.

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FreeMan said...

I thought it was a excellent opportunity to explain racism and stop letting it be used so broadly. But alas Kanye being arrogant is Black, Venus getting pissed off is Black and Wilson not respecting Obama is Black.

Now the Wilson thing could be from him not liking Blacks but who really knows that. You can't just assume what's in someone's mind but when you throw it in South Carolina the percentage increases of Racism.

Venus was just pissed off and I think the Compton showed up with the real threats not some light disappointment BS

Kanye was either drunk or high and the only thing that has to do with Black is his skin color. But there are a lot of people calling him the N word on twitter and the like.

All three reactions to the incidents by the public shows that they don't know what racism is. As soon as they see Black people not skating at the park I bet you they say that park is racist. We got a real big problem. Someone needs to define it before I am a victim of racism and I don't even realize it.