Monday, July 17, 2017

Po-Po Just Scurred

Maybe they thought the woman had a gun,
Or was resisting arrest,
Or she had a rap sheet.
Maybe she was wearing a hoodie,
Or was selling loosies,
Or she was walking away.
Maybe she matched a description,
Or she was reaching for her ID,
(Was she even here legally?)
Or maybe she was just white and African immigrants are conditioned to be afraid of white immigrants for good reason.
Maybe if neither person was allowed to immigrate into our country none of this would have happened.

Last Weekend;
'You're all so calm.', a police officer said to me as we were clearing the road of debris after one of the club's doormen was hit by a hit and run driver.
The accident occurred a couple of miles from the club so we had enough people on hand to control the situation.

The guy walked to the back of a truck and laid down until the ambulance came.
We took pictures and texted them to the supervising officer upon his arrival.
We directed traffic around the accident site until the other officers arrived to make their report.

'Just thank you for being so calm.', the officer said as we were preparing to leave.
'What did you expect?', I asked.
'Oh, nothing. There are just so many of you guys.' he replied.
'No problem', I concluded as I shook his hand and went home.

Honestly, what did the officer expect us to do, riot?
I know that police officers have a stressful and demanding job but to me - most popo are just scared.

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brohammas said...

scared people with guns scare me.