Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are We Smarter Than 'God' ?

' On the earth there once were giants.' - so says the ancient Greek poet Homer.

It seems that every culture mentions a time before ours when giants are said to have walked the earth.
The Hebrew Nephilim, the Greek Gigantes, The Sanskrit Daitya, the Paiute Si-Te-Cah,... primeval races are mentioned in most cultures.

But these god-human hybrids seem to be a diluted form of their creators and not yet as advanced as their successors.

In the film AI David is an imitation of human but not yet as advanced as the silicon-based Supermecha. (Carbon-based life no longer ruled the earth.)

If  the final product of a creator excels beyond that of it's original source - are our gods as smart as we give them credit for being?

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brohammas said...

I suppose this all depends on who, or what, we believe God to be. In my faith tradition (as you know) it also has a lot to do with what we believe humans themselves are.