Saturday, July 29, 2017

Just Turning Corners

I spent yesterday turning corners with the son of an ex.
The kid was mad because he pissed dirty at his newly acquired refinery job.
The kid is only 18 but he got hooked-up with a summer job that pays $25 an hour so that he could stack his war chest before beginning school if the fall.

We live in a low cost of living town and the kid still lives with his mom so $25 an hour, the ability to work overtime, having no real bills - he should have been mini-ballin'.
But the kid lost that because he wanted to smoke weed?

Apparently this happened a couple of weeks ago but the kid finally built up the courage to let me know.
I was kind of mad so I told him that he had to be my driver for the day.

We stopped at respectable homes, trap houses, nightclubs (during the day - before they were open) and the home of a regional drug lord.

Of all the places we'd been the kid was most impressed with the dope man.

The guy was not showy - he was almost humble.
I had to go to a back room to give advice on a situation so the kid was left in a front room with the guy's entourage.
They spoke to the kid about AAU basketball, video games and girls.
They ordered lunch for the kid and introduced him to anyone who passed through as 'John's son'.
When it was time to leave I told him to shake hands with everyone and to thank them for their hospitality.

After we left the kid asked how I could deal with those in the hood even though I don't look, speak or act 'hood'.
The thing is - those are the reasons that I am able to deal with situations.
I'm not a thug but I'm not a bitch - and those in the hood know this.

Before we left the house the dope man offered to give me a brick of weed for the kid - for free.
The kid's eyes widened - but I declined the gift.
Everyone apologised for the offer - one of his workers said, ' You know John's legit...'.
( I had to explain to the kid that even though it may be free today that it would cost me something down the road. And I don't rock with those dudes on that level)

We also stopped by a club that is being remodeled but it was vandalized.
Someone broke the liquor bottles, sliced the furniture and spray painted 'Fuck John' on the mirrors.
I was shown the damage and just laughed.

' Who would do this?', I asked.
 'Do they know who this club belongs to?', I continued.
I was told that the owners of the building had had the alarm system turned off the day before.
That they were currently in a battle to take the club back from the new tenants but they couldn't because as long as I'd been involved the tenant's profits enabled them to catch up on their lease payments.
'Don't worry - it's handled.' I was reassured.

I wasn't really worried.
It wasn't my club - I am just training and consulting.
But the investors in this club aren't those to take lightly.
'It's handled?', the kid asked.
'You didn't hear that. Not everything is your business.', I told him.
We finished our tour of the improvements and then bounced.

On our ride home through the ghetto the kid said, '12 o'clock' as he saw the flashing lights as we were pulled over by the po-po.
The kid's car smelled like someone had sprayed a whole can of Fabreeze.
I just gave him a look and told him to turn down the radio and to follow directions.

Apparently the kid had changed lanes without signaling and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt.
Back-up arrived and asked if we had drugs, guns or anything else we shouldn't have.
I just laughed and told them that we were just riding around talking.
I told them to handcuff us and to let their dogs sniff the car and that they didn't have to feel threatened.
'No, sir. That won't be necessary.', the officer said.

'Whats's up John?', another officer asked.
'Nothin', just riding around getting something to eat and trying to get this kid straight.' I replied.
' Man, can I get out. I don't want this other guy shooting me.', I said.
We made small talk about the heat, clubs and crime in the area.
The first officer warned the kid about his seatbelt and driving habits and left for another call.
After thanking the officers we left as well.

'Good thing you didn't accept that weed.', the kid said with his eyes still wide from being pulled over.
'Yeah, good thing...', I replied.

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CNu said...

I just spent the last 18 months on a similar "corner turning" maneuver and sadly now know far more about this subject than I ever wanted or ever even imagined wanting to know.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III may be a cowardly little stick of shit, but even a clock broken as badly as he is can accidentally be right twice a day...,