Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I STILL Hate Nightclubs

 (I'm just good at them.)
My preference is for clubs that are in situations where everyone says that they cannot be turned around.
My favorites are clubs where I have to put my reputation on the line.
 My most recent endeavor is probably my most unlikely.
 The club's owners offered to buy me. My response was that no matter how much was offered that they could not afford me.
 A later meeting with the owner's led to a near altercation with one of his partners. They then understood that they couldn't intimidate me.
 'What do I have to do to get you to help us?', the owner asked. 'Just ask.', I replied.

I had known the owner for a while. He was always a respectful guy who would sit next to the bar and ask advice. Even when he opened his own club he'd call me afterwards to take me to breakfast to learn as much as he could.

 'How was it at (name of club) tonight?', he always began. I'd explain what had gone wrong and what needed to be improved upon in an effort to give information he would need at his spot without his having to ask. (At the time I was consulting, training, managing other clubs). I'd always remind him to learn from the mistakes of others instead of through his own trial and error.

One day he just asked.
Dispute the rumours on the street, he seemed like he was trying to be a good guy.
As long as any money I was to be paid came from a legitimate source and I was to be working towards a legitimate and legal end then I would have no problem helping his crew make the transition.

But then the bourgeoisie found out about my involvement.
I was warned that I may be ruining my reputation because I have always remained as close to pristine as humanly possible.
I was warned that I would be tainted by dealing with common street thugs.

The thing that these wannabe gatekeepers failed to understand was that I lived large swaths of my childhood in worse environments and under worse conditions than these 'street thugs'.
That the only reason I was able to rise above my surroundings was that I always seemed to have a guardian angel appear at just the right time and place.
While I'm not a fan of Affirmative Action (IMOHO - Such a program implies a sense of inferiority.), I understand that any success was gained with the help of others.
I understand and teach the value of relationships and networking. I teach that a good team can beat a great individual every time.

This dude seems to get it.
He's polite, humble and gracious to his more accomplished elders.
He takes criticism without becoming offended.
Okay, I've had to quell violent situations and have taught them to try de-escalation as a first option but they're making progress.

Many of the workers have goals of doing more than working at a club for tips - some are qualified to do so.
Over the past several months, several employees have gotten day jobs through introductions made through the club.
Each job pays well, has benefits and has room to move up.
The club is a conduit for a better future for most of its employees.

'Woke niggas is broke niggas.'
Many disapproving bougie niggas want to talk about an imaginary Black Community - but that's all they do is talk.
The (alleged former drug dealer/bookie) young man I'm helping legally employs about thirty people, he pays all of his taxes and fees, he gives back to the community and he seems to be doing everything he can to transition towards legitimacy.
Part of my agreement was that the club had to support itself and that no illegal money could be used in any way.

The thing is, he's making enemies.
 Some from his old lifestyle are jealous that his club is doing well and that he seems to have gone legit.
 Some from the Black Bourgeoisie are jealous because he's skipped over them and is now dealing with the White Elite.

' Man, fuckem. I have more enemies than you have friends ', I tell him.
He seems to think my clubs work because everyone likes me. The thing is, most of these people don't even know me - it's like high school.

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