Monday, July 17, 2017

Mammies and Coons

I'm not hating on Steve Harvey - like all the other Coons, if that's what he chooses to do in order 'make it' then more power to him.

 What I'm hating is the acceptance and celebration of being an uneducated Black man who must Coon for a wider audience in order to be accepted.
What I'm hating is a nicca' who reinforces the white stereotypes of shuckin' and jivin' Blacks who 'know their place' as entertainers and nothing more.

Stepin Fetchit was was a sassy Negro who would never be described as being 'uppity'.

 From Uncle Remus to...
Steve Harvey - Blacks have always been accepted as long as they played the fool/clown or could entertain.
As long as a Black male is able to entertain he is never seen as a threat.

Why do you think people are afraid of clowns?
It just seems to me that clowns are modeled after minstrels with their over-exaggerated features.
Not at a distance, or as long they they remain where they belong - it's just that no one wants to actually have one in their every day presence.

Now, if I could just get say... Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry  and a few of their friends to recreate this scene from Dumbo I'd be a fan.

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