Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Damn, how times have changed.
Or maybe very little has changed?

I remember when many whites were secure enough in their whiteness to not give a hoot about what non-whites (Really: non-white/male/Protestant/straight/...) thought of them.

A Black person talks trash? 'Shut up Nigger.', would be the reply.
A woman gets out of line? 'Shut up Bitch.', was the usual response.
A member of the LGBTQ community asserts him/herself? 'Go away fag/dike.', was the likely retort.
And so on and so forth.
These days it seems that many white males are searching for their own nationally recognized victim card.
When did the anchors of American society become so soft?
When did John Galt become Barney Fife?

Maybe it's just the way it is with this snowflake, participation-trophy generation.
Maybe some have been conditioned to think that they are somehow superior and special just because they were born.

I never knew that Negro Fatigue was a thing.
How can less than fifteen percent of the population ruin the lives of the majority population.
How can a people most whites have limited contact with be their primary source of woe?

I googled 'Negro Fatigue' and found the above images on a site which seems to blame some white men's lack of education, skill and 'game' on every group but their own.
I found complaints and comments from victims of the  niggerazation of America who claimed that '...we (white people) created everything good in the world but everyone else wants to take credit..'.
It's funny though - most of the 'We' crowd has never been more than an easily replaceable prole in Oceania who never actually created anything themselves.
Most use the 'We' in an effort associate themselves with white people who have actually had some sort of value or who have made some sort of difference (whether good or bad) throughout history.
In the words of Tyler Durden, ' You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. '.

But I get it.
You're life is miserable and you're a scrub and someone has to take the blame.
You see too many Blacks who - under the ideally hegemonic, meritocratic and capitalist system you created - are doing better than yourselves.
I get it.
Many of you feel obsolete in a world to which you failed to adapt.
Many of you are scared.

 Really, I understand.
You had to sit through decades of watching Tiger Woods plow through country clubs, the competition and white women while you worked your dull and low paying jobs only to come home to a wife you're no longer attracted to and kids who are a disappointment.

You had to not only watch a gay movie win the best picture Oscar but it had to be 'Blackback Mountain'!

Even the milquetoast ballet has seen the rise of Misty Copeland. (Not that many of you are even cultured enough to know anything about the ballet.)

And I know it hurt - it hurt real bad - when another Black woman (Kara McCullough) won the Miss USA pageant. And a conservative freethinking 'nucular' scientist at that.

But you still have Hockey.
And monster truck rallies,
And 'wraslin''...
Oh wait, never mind. I guess The Rock has crossed over to mainstream success too.

But you still have swimming.
Wait, damn it Simone Manuel....

Golf, swimming, tennis - what's left of the traditional country club sports?
I guess Serena Williams completes the hat-trick.

Simone. Biles.

But that was all just sports.
Black people can't have IQs higher than a 75.
There will never be a Black man who is seen as the face of science in America.
And Donald Trump has proven that  ANYONE can grow up to be POTUS.

I know you're sick of seeing the celebrity worship of Black entertainers in this country.

What could only be worse is seeing that the earliest known depictions of Christ show him a being a person of color.

I had no idea that even white nerds were apoplectic over finding out that Storm beat Wonder Woman.

All I want to know is - Where have all the REAL white men gone?
The ones who founded this country.
Those who were not victims?
Those who didn't take the credit for the things they didn't do
and who never felt the need to overstate even their smallest accomplishments?
I mean the real Christian white men who founded America to escape religious and cultural oppression from...
other white people.


brohammas said...

the anti-reconstructionists killed most of them off. Some survived into the civil rights movement... then died in the 80's.

uglyblackjohn said...

You know, I have lots of racist friends,
I have lots of gay friends, I have lots of Republican friends, I have lost if gangsta' friends - I have lots of friends who are nothing like me.
The thing that keeps us friends is that we respect each other's worth.