Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Would You Hang Out With... ?

...Anyone in this photo?
I'd do Kim - then she'd have to leave.
Of the rest on this list... maybe Bethany.
She's not the best looking woman but I like that she seemed to interact well with her co-star's kids.
I like that she started a business or two.
While these are the ten highest earning reality personalities - would you hang out with any of them?
(Probably not.)


John Kurman said...

Are these famous people?

Just from looking at them, I'm pretty sure I would be saying "Hey, you know what? Shut the fuck up".

Pretty damn quickly.

Val said...

Bethany is kind of funny so I'd hang with her for a minute. That's about it though because I'm not sure who most of the rest are.

Desertflower said...

You have only two guys and they're both not my type, so nobody. Just kidding, I'm too old to be thinking 'bout those things ;P

uglyblackjohn said...

@ JK - It's just odd that so many people seem to be taking their social cues from idiots on TV whose lives are no better than their own... smh...

@ Val - I LIKE Bethany. She isn't great looking, almost ugly yet still attractive. Almost everyone else on reality TV...? Please, I have my own things to do.

@ Desertflower - I just grabbed the image online of the ten highest paid rality 'stars' - I didn't pick them.