Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Generation of Jump Offs ?

Is reality television creating a whole generation of Jump-Offs?
"If you wanna' get wit' me, I need a nail and hair allowance.", a Section 8 Diva with a $800.00 purse and less than $8.00 in it said to me as I walked away laughing at her.
When did a bottle of Henn and pair of Christian Louboutin's become more desirable than a nice family and a home?
When did some become comfortable with public assistance just as long as she could stay at The W for just one night?


Val said...

It's about feeling hopeless and not feeling as though they have any real opportunities, UBJ. If they felt the had a real chance in life their outlooks would be different.

uglyblackjohn said...

Most just have unrealistic expectations acquired from watching reality TV. They have shows for everything with almost anyone being able to get a reality gig.

theoreoexperience said...

I think it's a combo of unrealistic expectations plus crushing (usually undiagnosed) depression and a complete lack of self worth.

If you believe that you can make a great living working a cool job you like, you'll work toward it. If you think your entire value lies in your sexuality, you'll work toward that, too.

Plus, if you live in a toxic environment with no one willing to join and support you on the very very long journey toward a healthy self-image, you'll just mire there.

Of course, there are exceptions. The question I always have is...how do we teach more people to care about themselves enough to pursue what will truly make them happy and content?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ TOE - If many of today's adults are taking their social cues from these people I expect the next generation to be even worse. I'm not really as bad as I try to come across. I can usually get by on looks or personality without even having to do the work. Yet, I still focus more on performance than I do appearence. I know far too many men who were raised by single moms or grandmothers who end up acting like spoiled little girls. Many men today are soft little effite sissies who focus on the same concerns as do teen girls.

kozidoesit said...

My generation has the attitude where its better to run a quick sprint then run a marathon, you know what I mean? Where its best to get thing quick where its frail and fickle then get it slowly but surely where you can take your time to make sure you have stability.

Anonymous said...

The alientation of the "home and family" will lead to a bunch of middle-aged assholes living the "single" life all the while trying to make a name for themselves as if they ever had anything to offer to begin with//

I suppose the goal of population decline is going to work through hollywood. Rarely are "real" people given the time of day in the media unless its due to the average cat going crazy and killing people or something.//

Reggie said...


Amber Rose sure does have a nice ass.