Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Is "Love" ?

Everyone I know needs something from me every time they see me.
I'm not a nice person - I just do nice things.
I'm not motivated by kindness, generosity, charity or even love - It was just the way I was brought up to be.
Most of the time I don't even feel like helping others - It's the effects from inertia - I'm just on autopilot.
I'm not even sure whether I possess faith - I do good because it is was one is supposed to do - I expect no reward.
Most of the time I'm not sure whether the assistance is even actually helping anyone.

Having a club, I meet lots of women - most say that they can do more for me than my current girl.
I didn't even take my girl out tonight for Valentines Day - we did the whole dinner and a movie with drinks and gifts afterwards last night when there were fewer crowds.
But I did check on all of my elderly ladies all day to deliver flowers and candy.
My girl's best friend thought that this was a major love-crime.
She thought that I should have spent the holiday with my girl instead of spending the day in my usual routine.
But my girl is different. She likes that I'll take care of those who have no one to care for them.
She understands when I get a call in the middle of the night to help someone without being jealous. She understands that taking pictures with lots of women at the club is just good P.R. and nothing more.
She understands when I have to stay at the club late or open early.

"Everyone loves you.", my girl always says.
It's odd, I don't feel love - I couldn't tell one way or the other.
I'm so oblivious that I can't tell when someone is showing me favor.
I was always treated well so I assumed that everyone had the same experiences.
I'm just a normal guy so I thought all the special people were treated even better.

I hate club women.
Most imagine themselves as being a 'Queen', 'Diva' or 'Princess'.
But I'm sick of Section-8 Divas.
I'm sick of regular women who think that they are Divas.
I'm sick of  women who take their social queues from The Real Hoodrats of the ATL, Tyler Perry Movies, Basketball Babaymamas or any reality television show.
My girl is a diva who thinks she is a regular woman.

I'm not sure whether I love her or not.
I do, but not in that lovey-dovey honey, baby, sweetie pie kind of way.
I just know that she is my biggest cheerleader and most constructive critic.
I just know that she has  my back - win or lose.
I know that I'm am dating up and that I am the lucky one in this relationship.


Desertflower said...

Awwwww that's so sweeet! It sounds like a good relationship.

Val said...

"I just know that she is my biggest cheerleader and most constructive critic."


Brohammas said...

Not a bad valentine you got here. Those old ladies need a little attention.