Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Sucks

I still have bills, injuries, family problems and appliances to replace.
I still have disappointments, desires, dreams, ambitions and goals,
Life IS NOT all rosy and it rains on me just as it does anyone else.
 I could go through life with the conviction and piety of Paul - but what fun is there in doing that?
(Although Paul seemed to have more of an 'Eff-It' approach to the Gospel than did someone like Peter.)

My girl calls me "Tigger".
"He's a tiger - but he has fun with it.", she says.
She says that I don't seem to understand that there are some things which I will not be able to do.
There are some problems I will not be able to solve.
And there are some things that I will not be able to have.
"You're Special", she teases me, "Different rules seem to apply to you", the women seated at the bar agree.
"John' John, JOHN!!!" they say in the tone that Jan Brady jealously complained, "Marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!!!".

I know these things - I have failed a lot (A LOT).
But what's the point of focusing on life's difficulties when it's better to focus on ones goals?
What's the point of being depressed when it's better to just appreciate what one has and to focus on what one is working towards?
The economy may suck, the ecosystem may be about to collapse, isms (racism, sexism,...) may be at an all-time high, world war may be imminent - but why be so bitter and afraid?
Why live as though one has to suffer along with everyone else?
Why not live every day as though it were your last?
Why not fight hard as though one was predetermined to fail?
Why not just enjoy life?


DF said...

Because that would require someone to check theirselves and hold theirselves responsible. Since most people want to believe someone is holding them back they don't realize that someone is them.

A lot of people believe the propaganda and never try. Then there's the envy that comes from being bold and going against the masses. It takes a special person or a normal person who realizes he is special to go against the tide.

People would rather quit or settle than to try to live up to their full potential. A kid never settles as there's more to learn but an adult looks for a place to settle primarily because they have been working as a slave for so long. They want to get away and have to do nothing instead of get away and start doing something.

John Kurman said...

"They" say that personalities consist of slacker, striver, and fabulist. My prognosis is your slacker, striver, and fabulist have all jammed themselves in the doorway like the Three Stooges.