Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Didn't Really Care Who Won...

I'm a Saints fan.
But the Superbowl menu read;
Free Remy Martin V.S.O.P.,
BBQ AND Smoked Ribs (Beef and pork),
Chicken Gumbo,
Seafood Gumbo,
Baked Beans,
Dirty Rice
Corn Bread
Fruit Platters
Vegetable Platters
Pies and Cakes.

Two more weeks to go.
The "Fat Season" used to be from Halloween till New Years Day.
In most areas it has expanded till the Superbowl.
Along the Gulf it goes until Mardi Gras.

So the Giants won. Hooray... (But I do like the fan pictured above.)
I enjoyed the game because I had the party at the club sponsored by local businesses.
I had pretty girls volunteer to dress up and serve drinks without being paid.
I collected $15 a head and made a mint at the bar.
As far as Superbowls go - I had a great time.


Val said...

Did you at least tip the "pretty girls"?

DF said...

Bruh you are starting to sound like a super capitalist. Despite the pretty women, free alcohol, free food and superbowl you made a good deal of money! LOL UBJ where the B stands for Business!

John Kurman said...

Where do you find these honeys?

Man, I have not a good gumbo in like forever. I really need to rectify that situation.

Desertflower said...

Good for you John!;) Sounds like you have a fun place. Have I told you I've always wanted to own a pub/bar/club? Yeah I think I have....:)

JGalt said...

As a fellow Saints Fan tell me you are going to do a Mardi Gras Party before Fat Tuesday.

Young H said...

I wonder if you had a matrix moment where everything was seemingly flying all around you while you sat with a smirk watching it all knowing the end result would ultimately be in your favor?

CNu said...

Cain't buh-lee you got down like that magne..., I thought it was pose-ta-be some kale, sprouts, celery, wild black African quinoa, carrots, ginger, cauliflower, first-pressed organic Greek olive oil, cumin, tumeric, bananas, nectarines, avocados, onions, fresh spinach linguine, tomatoes, gluten-free chia seed muffins, bok choy, string beans, fresh pesto, limes

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val - They kept ALL The tips. People seem to like to tip me so I let them split theirs and mine - they still did very well.

@ FreeMan - If it wasn't fun - I wouldn't do it for long.

@ John - Dude, It's Gumbo and Crawfish season down here on the Bayou.

@ Desrtflower - THAT is the fun part. For the past four nights I've been refinishing the hardwood floors myself.

@ J Galt - Whaaaat? This is my birthday week so all week long is Mardi Gras.

@ Young H - Yeah... I think it's those moments which motivate me to try new things or new ways of doing old things.

@ Craig - Oh hell naw.... This is Da Souf - folks EAT down here.

CNu said...

rotflmbao..., yo boy deep in the dirty, dirty, too....,

but dayyum, somebody need to tell his little sister to put some lotion and spray tan on them little vegan-malnourished chicken legs.....,

uglyblackjohn said...

Nah Craig... she looks good and will be in a lot better shape than many of these women who don't understand moderation in eating good foods.
I was a vegan too - for about six minutes - then I got hungry.

CNu said...

It's the vegan who doesn't understand moderation in eating good foods - and - unsurprisingly feels compelled to evangelize his/her own dietary proclivities.

Not believing a word of the propaganda, I'm not about to concede an inch to the propagandist or any of his useful idiot collaborators.

Thin, rich, old women dying of cancer and externalizing their own personal neurosis have little to offer outside an object lesson in narcissism, fear, and fail.