Thursday, March 1, 2012

I DON'T Like Tyler Perry

I don't know the guy personally - I've never met him.
Sure, he's successful and I can't knock his hustle but I just don't like that so many men find it easy to identify with him.
I don't care whether he's gay - that's his business.
When I first saw a Tyler perry play, I walked out.
It wasn't for me.
"Homeboy is gay and he was probably raised by his grandmother.", I said to the girl who asked me to take her to the play.
The woman was upset that I could not identify with neither a Black playwright nor his characters.
To her, these characters represented to the vast majority what it is to be Black in America today.
To me these characters represented what it would be like to be raised in a society without a positive influence of dominant males in ones life - I just didn't get the appeal.

Recently, one of my cousins called me to help him change the tire on his daughter's car.
It's was a quick fix but the guy didn't want to get his manicure messed up nor his clothes dirty.
"Dude, I'm wearing Armani.. .", I said to the guy as I changed his daughter's tire while teaching her to do the same.
The guy works at a refinery and makes a very good living.
At this point in his life, he thinks that he has 'made it'.
Really? When did grown-ass Black men begin acting like spoiled little girls?


Val said...

Lol@you putting that guy's photo up. I forgot his name but I know he's from Atlanta Housewives.

I hate Tyler Perry. To me his work shows that he hates Black women.

And I think everyone but the little old church ladies who like his films and plays knows he gay.

uglyblackjohn said...

Really? It seems to me that he hates Black men - unless he finds them attractive.

Val said...

One word; Madea.

Desertflower said...
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Desertflower said...

I love that pink suit he's wearing! and I love it when any man wears pink.

Reggie said...

He is just a little too comfortable in that dress isn't he?!?