Monday, March 12, 2012

Delaware or Notre Dame

 I'm no UConn fan but at least their players look like women.
 The players for the Baylor women's basketball team look as though they'd be more at home blocking for or catching passes from RGIII.
(Don Imus seems to have used his comment about rough looking women in NCAA Basketball a few years too soon.)
 Since I'm no UConn fan (And that the primary players representing the West Coast and Standford are just as rough looking as those at Baylor), I'm rooting for Delaware and Elena Delle Donne to win it all.
That is until they meet Skylar Diggins and Notre Dame in the Final Four.
To win it all? Skylar and ND of course.


Val said...

So you agree with Don Imus? Are you calling the women players "nappy headed hoes" too?

theoreoexperience said...

What's wrong with women looking however they look. Just because they don't conform to an extremely specific beauty standard doesn't mean they don't look like women. They clearly look like women because they are women.

Reggie said...

Skylar Diggins is one sexy wench!!!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val & TOE - I'm NOT a fan of women's basketball so I only watch to check out the (few) pretty girls.