Thursday, March 1, 2012


I don't get it.
Why do so many imagine Good Times as real while they imagine The Cosby Show as fantasy? 

As my club is doing better and better and I get more media coverage - my credibility with those I try to help his been diminished.
Every suggestion I make is dismissed because others think that I had an easy time of getting to where I wanted to be.
Every resource is rejected because it requires one to make changes or sacrifices.
Every contact is rejected because the one requiring help says things like, "He don't know me.".
Every reason for failure is turned into an excuse which was caused by someone else.
Every cultural (LEARNED) issue is turned into a racial (IMAGINED or minor) issue.

 "Bullshit!", I say to those who have taken advantage of all aid (without positive and lasting results) and now complain because I am cutting them loose while they complain "I never had any help.".
I warned them that this day was coming and that they should make the changes required over the past fourteen years of my covering their mistakes.
I warned them that they could not afford their lifestyle without having built a solid debt free financial foundation first.
I warned them not to buy every new gadget they didn't need (or even really want) just because Pookie-an-dem had it.
I warned them to teach their kids to build/create/work rather than to consume because one can help to create assets while the other creates debt.
I warned them that they should focus on the stability of their families and not on their popularity with others. 

From now on, unless it's a kid or an elderly person - I'm not babysitting a group of people who are unwilling to do the work they expect me to do.


DF said...

You are teaching responsibility to people who don't think past their dick. So in other words you better talk with your dick if you want them to listen.

If your lessons can't be made into something they currently live in then you'll be disappointed. You should try to phrase everything on being the king of the block. Show them how the others are stupid and they are building something bigger.

So its building but it's building the bigger dick! Everyone wants a bigger dick UBJ!

Desertflower said...

Oh Lord UBJ! Don't be such a meany ;)