Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ONE Good Thing About Texas

In many states - it is illegal to collect rainwater.
A recent Texas Supreme Court ruling states that landowners own the water (and water rights) beneath their land.

(Since I have a well in my back yard, at least I won't die of thirst if things get really bad.)


Desertflower said...

After hurricane Georges flattened us. A neighbor had a well with a pump and a lot of us got water from there. So it's def a great thing to have!

Val said...

It's illegal in some States to collect rainwater? Really? How would they enforce that?

Brohammas said...

so if you own land over an aquafir that supplies water for the local population, dos the state pay you?

Reggie said...

I just wish some of the people in your state used some of that water with soap........and please explain to some of your neighbors that toothpaste isn't evil.