Thursday, June 1, 2017

Y'all Are Too 'Smart' For Your Own Good

Trump just misspelled 'CoV-Fefe' - no big deal.
I explained earlier that Trump thinks he's a rapper and the HPIC (Head Pimp in Charge).

If Lil' Wayne can expand the meaning of 'Bling-Bling' you know Trump just had to outdo him by creating a new word himself.
You know he's using Urban Dictionary and not one of the traditional sources.
According to Urban Dictionary;
CoV - Confirmation of Victory.
Fefe - Originating in Chicago, meaning: a party.
Covfefe - "A Victory Party".

Trump was just throwing shade at Obama because Obama stole some of Trump's shine during their concurrent trips to Europe.
Trump knows that Chicago is Obama's adopted hometown so The Donald wanted to speak in a way that Obama would understand.

Trump learned not to say things like 'pussy' - that would be indecorous.
What Trump was tweeting was in essence 'Suck My Dick' - but he can't tweet that.
'Victory Party Motha-fucka' ' wouldn't work either.
Yep that's it.
That's the meaning Sean Spicer was hinting at.
And y'all thought Trump had no Street-Cred.

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