Thursday, June 8, 2017

Well, You Got What You Asked For

 I didn't vote for the guy - I voted for myself. (C'mon, you know that the crybaby blame everyone but herself Hillary wasn't any better.)
The thing is: I don't think Trump is too worried about the Comey testimony - Trump's withstood worse.

The thing that this acquisitive and aspirational man covets the most is acceptance, veneration even.
What Trump seems to care about the most is whether people care about Trump.

Trump is a showman - all smoke and mirrors.
Don't get me wrong, I'm almost elated that the guy won the Presidency.
Trump and his supporters have laid bare the underlying thoughts and beliefs held by many in America.
Trump has, in effect, broken the relative racial, social and political truce with which we were living under Obama.

The election of Trump and it's ensuing circus has shown the American people how politics actually function - often even at the local level.
Trump, I think, has gotten into a situation for which he was ill prepared.
I think Trump (and many of his followers) assumed that the country could be run the way he ran his reality show.
I don't think the core group of Trump followers - as well as Trump himself - were as well versed in how politics functioned at the national and international levels as they thought.

But hey - just view this presidency as a market correction.
As a chance to expose the collusion between the media, industry and the government and their efforts to acquire and retain power at any cost.

Trump may turn out to be a great POTUS - probably not but whatever - or Trump may not even end up being just a good president but the thing is: Trump is definitely the right president at the right time.
Trump may end up actually proving the theory of the useful idiot.
Trump and all his apparent lunacy may finally expose the real thinking of many in America today and demonstrate the tangible consequences.
Trump may just prove and expose how corrupt our country really is.

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brohammas said...

"good" president depends entirely on what outcomes you want.
I see this man as the embodiment of everything that is wrong with everything. And sadly enough, I thought this about him specifically long before he ran fro president.