Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alex Jones' DisInfoWars !!!

 Our government is under attack
and not just from ISIL, Immigrants, Non-Christians, Minorities, LGBTIQ, Feminists, Liberals, MSM, ...

As the recent troubles between Congress, the White House and our intelligence community show - we are under attack from within.
We are witnessing an Intraracial Civil War in which even old dissatisfied white guys can't trust other old dissatisfied white guys.

Disinfowars' Alex Jones is sure to pick up on the recent attack on Republican lawmakers and explain to us all that the event was orchestrated by the Trump administration, in conjunction with Putin's America-based minions, to deflect our attention away from the (alleged) collusion in our recent presidential election between the two former adversaries.
I'm sure someone will latch onto​ the Representative from Louisiana being connected to David Duke who is connected to Put in who is connected to Trump which is why he was shot.

But why would Republicans want to stage a failed attack on one of their own?
Republicans are seeking sympathy for their party after their inability to get legislation passed, even though they control the White House and Congress, threatened to expose their inutility.

Republicans brought in experts from previous False Flag operations. Veterans who were those behind the scenes in: Aurora, Sandy Hook, London, Boston, San Bernardino and their very successful covert operation at the Twin Towers, among many others.

Trump needed a unifying operation to draw attention away from those seeking to sue the POTUS for (alleged) emoluments violations.
With China's recent approval of at least ten Trump trademarks - Trump is preparing to make billions in a country of billions.

Everyone knows that Trump doesn't want to be President.
What Trump wants is to be rich.
The longer Trump is in office the more money he makes.

Trump refused to disclose his tax returns because Trump is not really as rich as many people think.
Trump's whole identity is based on his being seen as one of the richest and most successful men in America.
Trump's 'power' comes from his affection of wealth and influence.
Trump doesn't really own anything - foreign governments do - Trump is just the manager.

(And, NO. No research was done for this post. I just cobbled together a bunch of conspiracy theories to form another incoherent trope which we are sure to see some variation of in the coming weeks.)

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