Thursday, June 1, 2017

Single Payer Insurance in Cali?

I'd have to agree with Miss USA - healthcare is a privilege not a right.
I know, I know - people need healthcare.
So what - people need food too but people still have to pay for it.

California is set to vote on a bill which would provide healthcare to all of its 39 million residents at a cost of $400 bn. (Some studies say that the program would save the state $37 ml annually)

The thing is, I think there should be some type of universal coverage.
-The Veterans Health Administration covers about nine million individuals.
-Indian Health Services covers about 2.2 ml Native Americans.
-Medicaid/Medicare cover another 44 ml people.
Why can't all of these programs be combined under one umbrella program?
Add to this another 11 ml covered by Obama care.
I'm sure if these programs were merged that they could be used as a template for Universal Health Care for the entire country.

(Just gratuitous photos of a tall (5'10"), fit woman with her OWN natural hair and no waist-trainer.)


CNu said...

California Dreamin and fitna wake up and find itself like Puerto Rico....,

uglyblackjohn said...

Shiiid..... It's already pretty close to being Puerto Rico. If they go through with their plan it will be like feeding stray cats.

CNu said...

lol, Puerto Rico don't make or export nothing but Puerto Ricans.., at least Cali grows food, builds technology and makes entertainment. But dayyum, its politicians stay pretending that money grows on trees - and the breaking point for that deep disconnect is close at hand.