Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

' So what. The guy only killed a bunch of fags.', a customer at my club commented when the news of the Orlando shootings flashed across the screen at the bar.
Upon noticing a Hispanic man sitting at the end of the bar, 'Yeah, and why is Juan Valdes in here anyway?', his female companion stated in her drunken state.
Sure they were drunk and got caught up in throwing shade - but not at my bar.
'Thank you for not coming back. Your bill is taken care of. Goodnight.', I said as I motioned for security to remove the couple.
Their friends apologised to me and told them that I don't put up with anyone discriminating against another in my clubs.

I'm pretty popular in the gay community.
The thing is, I'm probably one of the biggest homophobes in my circle of friends.
On the day of the shooting our town had it's third annual Gay Pride Festival - I'm actually good friends with the organizers and the club has often donated towards their events.

I get hit on a lot.
That's how I met these guys.
'Thank you, but no.' I said to one as he asked whether I was 'family'. (My middle brother is gay so I knew what that meant.)
'I'm sorry. You're not mad?', one commented upon hearing my calm reply.
'Nah, man. These fat, weave wearing hoes with their make-up looking like RuPaul don't have a chance either. But I still have to be polite. Most of these hoes swear I'm gay anyway. They don't understand how a guy can turn down a line like, 'Hey, John. You want some of this pussy?', I said.
' The least attractive women seem to be the most forward. Stay, have a good time, no one is going to mess with you here.', I said as I walked away.

I ran into the guys later at some fundraising event.
I explained that I could see what say.. Rhihanna could see in say... Zoe Saldana but if I saw Monique loving it up with Sheryl Underwood I'd have to leave to throw-up. I explained that I don't see the appeal one man could see in another man but that since it has nothing to do with me that it was none of my business.
The guys do a lot of charity work so I always speak when I see them around.
Being in the South they are amazed that a Black club is the safest place for a gay white couple to have a drink.

I may be a homophobe but not to the point of killing anyone over it.
Back on the day SeeNew would clown DeeVee over his overly anti-gay posts.
As though DeeVee was a character in 'Hamlet'.
As though DeeVee was trying to over-compensate for his true feelings.
As though DeeVee was suffering from Gay Guilt.

I think this was the case with Omar Mateen.
You know the old saying, 'If you shake it more than twice...'.
Well I think the same thing applies in Mr Mateen's case.
Once or twice to scope a place out, sure.
More than that and he's looking for for more than than an exit plan - he's looking for someone to come in through the out door.

I think as they sort through the evidence that they will discover that Mr Matten didn't really hate gay people.
What he really hated was that he himself was gay.


CNu said...

Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting take on this event


uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah,I've been seeing that point of view a lot.
But the guy doubts San Bernardino. I KNOW dispatch, cops, doctors and others involved. I learned about the shootings from facebook not the news. When it first started my facebook feed had people posting about the events (since removed). Since it's still an ongoing investigation no one is allowed to bring it up on social media.

It IS coincidental that both San Bernardino and Orlando occurred less than a few miles from trauma centers that are known to be able to handle such cases though.

CNu said...

Sum'n not right...,