Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Donald Trump is Wally George

Back in the day, my boy Pitts used to come to my house after school to watch KDOC 56.
My dad would leave for work at about 4:30 and he wouldn't get back until sometime the next morning.
My house was a crash pad for those who didn't want parental supervision.

We'd always watch MV3 (a locally produced UHF version of MTV) and later we'd catch episodes of Wally George.
Wally had this whole staged Conservative shtick which would bring his audience to a boil.
He would say the most ridiculous things,
 but the more ridiculous the more his crowd agreed with him.

Wally looked and sounded a lot like Trump.

Even down to their daughters.
(Rebecca DeMornay & Ivanca Trump)
If Wally were alive today, could he Out-Trump Trump?

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brohammas said...

I think you are on to something here.