Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Paul Lynde

This graphic comes pretty close to explaining 'Privilege'  in our European dominated culture but the Center Square should be 'white' not 'human'.
While not necessary for the win it is tactically important.


FreeMan said...

I think most white folks don't see it. Only when you give a detailed list will they say Wow I didn't know that. Then they'll say Welp back to enjoying that privilege. Change is rare in those who don't see a positive reason for change. Equality isn't the desire of those who are on top!

uglyblackjohn said...

FreeMan, my man. What's been up?
Actually someone on Rippa's site used this graphic in his post on privilege. Excepting the 'White' square, I enjoy a lot of privilege - to the point of being called an 'Uppity Nigga'' by both Blacks and whites. I think a 'Can Whoop Your Ass' square also helps in many cases (In others it can cause so much fear that an overly aggressive action may be taken by the opposing group: as in the case with some police misconduct.).

Honestly.... after a while I get sick of Black social media - too many self-identify with being the victim. Personally, I've always liked DeeVee's idea of not really experiencing much real racism - mostly it's just 'attempted racism'.
It seems that most of the erudite and effete blogging brotha's clutch their pearls at even the slightest 'micro-aggression'. The only sissies worried about micro-aggressions are micro-nigga's.

A couple of weeks ago a couple of people tried hemming me up at a hardware store over a parking space. I just walked inside, bought my stuff and came out to a couple trucks full of Billy-Bobs. I got in my car, drove half a block to a white biker shop in to await their arrival. When the Billy-Bobs got out of their cars the White bikers came out to see what was up. The Billy-Bobs felt overly confident until my homeboy from the group came out to talk to me about hosting their bike night at our club. No popo were called but the Billy-Bobs understood that sometimes relationships and connections trump race. (I've hosted benefits for injured bikers, both Black and white, at the club for years so in most situations I'm good with most of them.)