Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Must Not Have Been a Black Woman

We're getting lots of rain here Texas lately.
So much, in fact, that it has hurt business at our flagship nightclub. (The sports bar is more casual so women feel comfortable wearing ball caps while watching Curry beat up on King James.)

But back to this song.
On one particularly busy night we had an inordinate amount of men at the club. Our usual ratio is usually three women to every man but on this rainy night we had two men for every woman.
The DJ decided to play the old Oran Juice Jones song 'The Rain'.
I commented to a group of women at the bar that he must not have been singing about a Black woman because they don't go out in the rain.
'Oh, hell no. This costs too much and we have graduations tomorrow. We gotta' save our hair', one lady commented.
(Appparently the group was tired of cooking and watching Netflix for the past two weeks so they ventured out on this stormy night.)
When I asked the guys where their girlfriends or wives were, to a person they each stated that they didn't want to ruin 'their' hair.

Okay, maybe when Oran recorded this song back in the mid-eighties weaves weren't as prevalent.
But these days; you will rarely see a hair-hat sista' Walking in the Rain.

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FreeMan said...

Synthtic hair was a wig and for old people. This song was the sound of tupperware parties and dupont non stick.