Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Romney/Ryan Failed

Beliefs from the 60's are not the same as the realities of today...
(Oh, but they were all such natty dressers.)


Brohammas said...

not only are things different... but many are wishing we were back in the 50's.
Veeeeery suspect.

DF said...

The Hope for the 50's to return is a hope of when everyone else was seen and not heard. Everyone else meaning every other race. Simpler times means we ran shit and no one had any voting rights.

So Romney lost because the demographics changed. He actually won the same white vote as Bush did. But, 12 years later the population of the others have made that majority not automatic.

The Republicans will have to learn they have to actually try to sway minorities. That's why you're hearing the bitching session right now.

Reggie said...

They failed because they refused to acknowledge that the electorate is changing and becoming more diverse everyday. They were so hell bent on representing their demographic, that for some stupid reason they alienated everyone else.

Fools, they would have won by a landslide if the voting public was what it was just 20 short years ago.