Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liar, Liar,...

Why is it that big girls always lie and say that they 'like' being fat?
Some, like my all-time least favorite Mo'Nique, have even made a career out of lying to themselves and the rest of their fluffy crew saying ridiculous things like, "I'm Fatabulous".
Now Precious seems to have backed away from her previous, "I love who I am." comment after being ridiculed for her excessive girth.

Bitches Pa-lease... Don't let your modest celebrity fool you into believing that you are happy with your weight while encouraging other bigguns to remain unhealthy.
At least Oprah admits that she prefers to be smaller and more fit.


Desertflower said...

And one of the big health problems with obesity and undergoing surgery is that it's extremely iffy because have you ever tried to sew chicken fat? Stitches just cannot grab on and hold in adipose tissue.

But, then again, it is also said that the bigger hip/butt women are protected from heart disease and even certain cancers by the extra estrogen in their body fat. So who knows??? :)))

John,why can't you learn to accept and love Mo'Nique???

uglyblackjohn said...

Because she talks ish about thinner women always wishing to be one.

Reggie said...

.......because they lie too John.

Reggie said...

I honestly don't know which of the two pictures at the top are scarier.