Friday, November 16, 2012

Meanwhile, Back on the Farm...

Soon after Governor Rick Perry pushed to have those seeking aid tested for drugs - one of my neighbors proposed the same standard for public officials.

This why I say that local elections matter.
In local politics one can speak directly to his representatives one-on-one.
In local politics one cannot hide behind a gated wall while those on the outside suffer the consequences of his wrong-headed decisions.


John Kurman said...

I think that's fantastic. I would go one step further, and require whole spectrum/genetic testing (at the representative's expense) for legislative officials as well. Any predispositions towards debilitating mental conditions - either potential or current - should be made publicly available. Those internal brain drugs are the real culprits!

Reggie said...

Those Republicans had to be high, not to mention those folks on Fox News. How else do you explain their surprise on election night?!?