Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is It Descrimination ?

 The re-election of President Obama seems to have ignited a powder keg of suppressed hatred.
The racial slurs seem almost unrelenting.
The most common posts on my facebook feeds seem to be those of 'Black Pride".
Why is this acceptable ?
If Romney would have won and whites posted as much about "White Pride" - wouldn't this be seen as being racist?

It seems that everyone is proud of something just as long as it subjugates other groups.
The only one who seems to have it right is Carlin.


DF said...

I actually don't mind White Pride as a celebration of ones heritage is alright with me.

Having pride in ones race is the same as having pride in ones accomplishments. So when you hear Native Pride they are saying they identify with that group and they are proud to be part of it.

Is it somehow racist to have family pride? There are people who take pride in their family name but no one seems to get mad at them for that.

Renee Sanders said...

Ya but white pride means that they feel that black people areally sub human and deserve to be beaten raped and enslaved. White pride is evil. So is Confederate southern pride.