Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mannequins Got Ass ???

 Back in the day, mannequins looked like mannequins - banana boobs and all.
 Later, mannequins were made to look more athletic with breasts that sat higher on the chest.
 Then someone came up with the idea of creating more full figured mannequins to more accurately reflect the size and shape of a store's customers..
Butt (sic) when did mannequins get asses like Jo-Lo or Beyonce?


CNu said...

First time I seen't'em was in Miami about 7 years ago at the super dooper flea market at the Drive in theatre with like 26 screens. Couldn't believe my eyes, loved it.

Now, the main place I routinely see them is where the urban latina is being catered to. I still ain't see these jawnts at Halls or Nordstroms, but then I don't get around that much, so I might have missed it.

{I love giving these mannequins a jaunty smack on that ace in passing - exasperates the hell out of my son everytime I do it}

John Kurman said...

I almost got kicked out of the Art Institute of Chicago for giving this Gaston Lachaise statue a loving pat on the behind.


Val said...

I actually can't recall a time when mannequins for jeans weren't 'big booty' mannequins. Maybe you just didn't notice them, UBJ.

Desertflower said...

The past couple of years they've in the stores here also!

But, yet again, very unrealic shapes, because who in heck has their legs and buttocks so perfectly proportioned and shaped.

The mannequins have become so realistic, the other day I was almost walking over to ask a male mannequin a question. My daughter clued me LOL!

Lemme tell you, old age is not what it's cranked up to be! It's not golden, it's blurry :))

Reggie said...

Sign of the times man!!! Is this a great country or what?!? Even our mannequins are packing!!!