Monday, March 19, 2012

The Law of Privilege?

Like everything else in the Universe - we are governed by laws.
While common in today's society - 'Privilege' is not one of these laws.
In fact, I'm not even sure such a thing exists to begin with.
Many people believe that the whole of their existence comes down to one thing - race.
In reality, race is no more (or less) of a determining factor in the outcome in ones life than any number of other factors.
It is only when race is accepted by oneself as being of such great importance that it even matters at all.
Placing ones value in only ones race carries more power and influence than others' thinking.
Given - we are a society which places great value on what others think of us - but why?

While we are a planet of gradients - how do we even define 'race'?
If we could break down ones 'race' to those who possess certain phenotypical or genotypical traits - where would one race begin and where would another end?
Objects at the furthest points of the spectrum lead into one another anyway.
Could 'race' be thought of in the same way?

SeeNew pointed out that there is no reason to try to break the speed of light.
That it is a law under which we function.
He stated that the real trick is to sidestep the speed of light so that it has no effect.
Maybe Malcolm X was thinking the same thing when he (and other political and social leaders) proposed that we should create our own institutions, media and memes.
But leaders like Malcolm (And those like Christ before him) appealed to the most disenfranchised of individuals.
His appeal was greatest to those who had the least invested in the institutions and beliefs of his time.

Maybe this is why Hip-Hop succeeds where 'education' fails in creating wealth.
Maybe those to whom Hip-Hop appeals are less vested in traditional thinking.
Maybe those of the Hip-Hop generation opted out of the traditional route in favor of one in which we could create their own trends, dialect and values.
(*Hip-Hop - like all usurpers - was later brought into the fold of the establishment in an effort to keep any new usurpers from gaining power. In taking ownership of  Hip-Hop - Hip-Hop became a tool which could be used to subjugate those it was intended to free.)
Maybe the old Hip-Hop model sidestepped the Law of Privilege in an effort to creating it's own laws.

If the easiest way to win this game is not to play at all - why do so many still believe in the Law of Privilege?


CNu said...

what does the murder of trayvon martin and the failure to arrest the murderer say about law and racial privilege?

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I know about that but the killer is a Hispanic dude.

DF said...

Hip hop is still appeals to the disenfranchised and as such the people there are more open to change.

You're right you shouldn't play at all but that requires a certain amount of self esteem to know everyone is wrong. Instead for the masses you have to create a alternative so they can join up and feel now they are in the right. Any anti establishment movement creates that alternative and provides a place for the disenfranchised.

Hip hop just created another avenue towards wealth where they didn't have to go through the traditional racist gatekeepers. But, as you can see those gatekeepers are now creeping into Hip Hop and are once again putting on their own restraints.