Monday, December 12, 2011

Too Much Competition ?

"There are too many fine women at your club", someone said to me as I was visiting another club recently.
The reputation of my club is that it is 'Too Bougie" and that the women there require too much effort.
Other - less attractive - women complained that they never get asked to dance while in my club.
This wouldn't seem to be a problem but in smaller markets like mine one has to have as broad an audience as possible.
My crossover success in attracting whites, Hispanics and Asians has also raised the level of competition within the club.

There are more fat, under-educated and unattractive (by most standards) women in this market than are are those who could do well in most  bigger cities.
The market here is primarily one of lower-class Blacks,
of overweight women.
of desperate and underachieving men.
Most men who do well in other clubs tend to fail miserably in mine.
The largest market in this small town is one which is not accustomed to making much effort.


DF said...

They thought you would get them liquored up and ready to settle. Not bring out the top notches who make them feel inferior and lesser than.

Damn UBJ you are even creating a boughie club too? You'd better stock the club with younger aspirational men so they can go for where they hope to be.

uglyblackjohn said...

I just did that for the Holidays.
Millionaires in their thirties who buy evrything at the bar booked office parties. Thousandaires who buy what the girlies like or what they see in rap videos. Local celebs trying to be seen with the 'right' people.
I just laugh at all the hookers and tricks.

Reggie said...

There is no such thing as "too many fine women".

That phrase should be one of those rare truths is what it is.