Monday, December 19, 2011

Football Prayers

 What's the big deal about Tim Tebow and his praying habits?
I'm no Tim Tebow fan - I was a Chris Leak fan though.
But if Tim is more of a motivational leader than he is a stereotypical NFL quarterback - so what?
Tebow may loft floating ducks instead of launching tight spirals - but the guy wins games.
Dan Marino could light up the box-scores but he failed to win a single Superbowl in seventeen seasons - and in the NFL, winning is everything.
 The players, fans and media expect football players to act more like Ndamukong Suh.
The NFL is thought of as being a league of sinners not
 But one does not have to be a Saint in the NFL in order for them to pray - other teams pray and thank God as well.
 One would expect a school like Notre Dame to nickname this mural, "Touchdown Jesus" - it is a Catholic school after all.
Prayer by entertainers is nothing new.
Watch any awards show and one will see more winners thanking God than he will see them thanking spouses.
Lolo Jones Tweeted, "How To PRAY;  P-raise God for what He has done. R-equest what you need. A-sk Him for forgiveness. Y-ield your life to his plan."
Athletes pray all the time.

Does God care whether you make a deadline at your job, whether you get to work on time, whether you get a promotion, or whether you even get the job to begin with?
Yet many people pray for these things all the time and most have no problem expecting God to answer them..  
 In this photo - was Barry Bonds;
a) High on Steroids?
b) Looking at the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge?
c) Thanking God?
Tim Tebow's hype has as much to do with his being the antithesis of someone like Michael Vick as it does with his throwing arm.
While both have their potential as long-term NFL quarterbacks questioned because each is just as likely to run as he is to pass - only one is seen as marketable.
If one wishes to put horns on Vick, he is just as likely to place a nimbus around the head of Tebow.


Val said...

I love Lolo! She's such a cutie!

uglyblackjohn said...

I know Val. That's why I included her as one of the many athletes who pray.

DF said...

Barry is thanking God and saying Fvck everyone who didn't believe.

The praying thing is now a tradition of sports just like the pregame hype crap. Tebow is the great white hope and it shows up in every sport. His last second heroics are great so I can't take anything away from him.

But, cmon when you are looking for a way to explain the unexplainable... you pray and give thanks.

Reggie said...

Well I have a legitimate reason for hating the bastard, I'm an Alabama fan. I got tired of watching Mr. Tebow beat hell out of The Crimson Tide.

.....dude gets on my nerves. Everytime I see him play I always cheer the defensive players on to knock his block off.