Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"If All You Care About Is Yourself...

...All you'll have is yourself.", I explained to the former owners of the club.
Yeah... I understand that one should be able to stand on his own two feet  but I also understand that one cannot do everything by himself all the time - sometimes we need help.
'Nosce te ipsum' does not mean that one should always do everything alone.

 The best case scenario is to have a crew of capable individuals.
While many may remember the "Cool Walk" scene of Reservoir Dogs,
Others will remember the even cooler "Cool Walk" scene of the original Oceans 11.
Each member of this crew was the shit in his own right but they could overcome almost impossible odds by working together.

Between my liquor reps, professional athletes who happen to be back to town, local media personalities and sales reps, business owners and politicians - my club stays packed.
Most days of most weeks I get free shouts out from media personalities relating how much they enjoyed coming to my club.
Most days of most weeks I get - and then pass along - passes or tickets to events which I'm too busy to attend.
(Those receiving these tickets then end up hooking me up in what ever way they can - it's a seemingly endless cycle for which I am the current hub.)

I'm not the best financed club owner in town - but I do manage to get others to play for me.
I'm the Tim Tebow (Lacking any great talent but able to win by getting the team to play together.) of club owners.

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