Friday, August 4, 2017

We Got Caught

This whole Trump spectacle is better than Game of Thrones but even more cutthroat. The thing is that Trump is the inevitable result of what is wrong with America.
Trump, by the grace of God, was supposed to win the election.

Was Obama dirty? Probably.
What about the Clinton's? Definitely.
The thing is; Trump sounds as though he is re-enacting a part from a Mo' Nique bit.
The part where she gets caught and points out that everyone else did the same thing and/or did it worse.

The only difference is that Trump seems to think that by pointing out the guilt of others that it somehow makes his own misdeeds
In pointing out the misdeeds of others, I don't think that Trump understands that he is only bringing more attention and scrutiny to himself.
The more he Shakes the Tree, Upsets the Cart or Rocks the Boat - the more he is exposed for his own shortcomings.

But maybe I have it wrong.
Maybe Trump is the good guy just trying to Drain the Swamp.
Maybe the media and those behind the scenes have been called out by Trump and now they are acting like No' Nique as they snitch on The Donald in an effort to save themselves.

I don't know.
Maybe both (all?) sides are practicing a scorched earth policy.
Maybe both sides view this as a zero-sum game and if they can't get their way no one will.

In the end, I hope everyone is exposed.
In the end, I hope that everyone snitches and that everyone gets caught.
In the end, I hope that identity politics, racism, class warfare, the demonization of others and whatever else those in power use to keep power away from it's citizens is seen by the rational few as ephemeral methods with only shortsighted and often detrimental results.
In the end, I hope that Trump succeeds in Draining the Swamp and that he is flushed along with it.

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