Friday, August 11, 2017

Misogynistic Insensitivity ?

 As family friendly traditional restaurants like TGI Friday's, Olive Garden and Applebee's are struggling,
there is one segment of the restaurant industry that is thriving.
A group of investors recently  approached me to ask my opinion on opening a franchise my area.
In spite of an apparent misogynistic culture, police shootouts,  racism, sexism, fat shaming, discrimination, and a whole bunch of offensive practices, so called 'breastaraunts' are opening new stores and expanding into new markets.

 Twin Peaks,

 and Tilted Kilt are outperforming other segments of the industry by as much as ten times the average.

In our social warrior dominated culture there still seems to be a market for what some would call 'misogyny'.

But a sexist business model has its limits.
Bikinis (the trademark holder of the term 'breastaraunt') is shuttering most of its stores.
A failed promotional appearance on Undercover Boss exposed the chain's unprofessional business practices which led to fines from the state's alcohol board.
I guess if one runs his business as though he lived in a xenophobic, isolationist, sexist, homogeneous, racist, elitist, paranoid frat house then things won't end well.
I guess even the worth of 'traditional values' has its limits.

(Another Tilted Kilt image - I just liked the photo.)

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