Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trump Memes

 Trump has been good for business,
at least when it comes to Twitter, news organizations and late night talk shows.
But mostly Twitter.

While not used by as many people as facebook - I think Twitter is a better gauge in determining real-time trends and opinions.
Twitter posts require almost no thought and response times from followers are instantaneous.

The image above is one often posted by Trump voters.
It seems that their only concern is in making sure that there is no trace left of any Obama policy.
Honesty, if one's platform is solely 'Not Obama' that's a pretty weak one

 I thought The Purge memes were kind of funny and the likenesses to the first family seemed more than coincidental.

What makes it even more hilarious is that Trump seems to playing some sort of purging game with his staff.
Comparisons have been made to his own reality show as well as Survivor with varying comedic results.
As far as his apparent inability to hold his staff together - to me, it's not that big of a deal.

I open lots of clubs and we always over-hire with the intention of paring down to our final staff.
No matter how much we check backgrounds, no matter how in depth our interviews, no matter how well we train - about half of our initial hires will not last six months.
Personal conflicts, envy, jealousy, an inability to follow orders, not being able to handle the required work, ... - all play a part in weeding out those who will not make the final team.

But Trump is an insecure idiot.
If Trump can be this mendacious over the minutia I can't believe him when it comes to something major..
He lies about things that don't really matter, and this I find troubling.

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