Thursday, August 10, 2017

Little Girls

 I still hate nightclubs,
but I'm still good at them.

One of the bartenders at one of the clubs wanted hang out.
The club at which she is working is being remodeled so I haven't seen her in about a month.
The girl is cute but I already have a girlfriend.
She used to hit on me and flirt but I already have a girlfriend...
and she's too young
and she works under me.
Rule #3 in any nightclub is: Never fuck the help.

The problem with having too many women is that one has too many women.
Problems arise when clearly defined lines aren't drawn.
Like in the stories of Abraham and his wives or Jacob and his wives - lines of separation must always be maintained or else there's drama.

But I like this girl.
When she asked why it was that I wasn't interested in her I explained that I wasn't there to hook-up with her or any of the other girls but that I was there to protect them and to help them in life - she still didn't quite understand.
She said that she didn't mind being second.

 But I've been through enough to know that no good can come from having too many women.
The Orisha tale of Shango, Oba, Oshun and Oya and an ear in one's soup came to mind.
I told the girl the story (Being near Louisiana and her familiarity with creole traditions I inserted 'blood in red gravy' for the ear).

The girl still said that she wouldn't tell anyone.
She said she'd be my 'other queen'.
(I hate women who have such low self-esteem that they feel the need to refer to themselves with self-aggrandizing titles like 'queen', 'diva' or 'boss'. If they were really all that then just their name would be enough.)

It was time to go to lunch.
There are about ten physicians who live in my subdivision and one of them is my homegirl and she happened to be off today.
I've been advising her on the renovation one of her rental homes so she owed my dinner.
Instead of dinner I decided to trade that in on two lunches.
Doc knew the girl from the club so she decided that it was a fair trade.

Doc knows that I don't cheat but she questioned how it was that I was out with this young pretty girl instead of my girlfriend. 'Oh, she's at work and I texted her that I was hanging with y'all.', I said.

Doc used to hit on me but I'm not a fan of overweight women no matter how much they try to be my sugarmama. Doc is doing extremely well - in addition to her private practice she co-owns three emergency centers and a few fast food franchises.
I introduced her to my homeboy and she just bought him a Range Rover for his birthday.
The young girl couldn't understand how I didn't want this woman with money.

Young girls think that money is really important and older women think that looks are the only thing that matters.
The only people who worry about looks are unattractive people and the only people who worry about money are those without.
I explained to Doc that I wanted the young girl to have an example.
'Yeah, that's John. Always trying to help people.

The young girl related a tale of the time we were at a gas station and a cocky white dude accused two little girls of stealing his wife's phone from the restroom.
(The guy came in and searched the girls but found no phone.
He told the girls that they couldn't leave until he found the phone.
I asked the girls if they had the phone.  'No sir', they replied as they patted themselves down. 'Then you can go',  I said. The guy tried to prevent the girls from leaving. 'You can't lawfully detain them', I said. As he attempted to grab one of the girls, 'Thats assault. Call the police.' I said as I stepped between the man and the girls. As the guy's friends started walking towards me his wife popped in and yelled, 'I found it, it was in the truck.' The guy said, 'You're just protecting them because they are Black.' 'No, I protected them because you were wrong.', I replied.
 *My girlfriend hates when I get involved in situations. She thinks that one day it's going to get me killed.)
She said after she'd seen me look out for girls that I didn't even know that I would take extra care of someone close to me.

Doc had to explain to her that there are guys who try to do what is right.
Doc explained to her that the only reason my girlfriend didn't sweat my hanging out with them was because my girlfriend knew that I wouldn't put myself in a bad situation.
'Yeah, but that's why I like him.', the young girl said.

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