Monday, January 2, 2017

I Love the '80's

Welcome to; Trickle Down Economics.
To; Gordon Gecko and 'Greed is Good'.
To; a hegemonic society.
To; fear and disillusionment.
To; Big talk-little dick white men.
(To; Big Dawn feeling as though he matters.)
To; 'American Excellence'.
To; 1986 thirty years later.

But the real question that needs to be asked is, 'What Next'.

Its a fair question.
It's the same question that I asked eight years ago after Obama was elected.
The country didn't collapse after the election of the first Negro POTUS. (Do you really think everything will be perfect once the 2017 version of Wally George is sworn in?).
 Do you really think that Bulworth will win against the Deep State?

Peasants please.
You're all still playing the victim role established by those in the Shadow Government.
Y'all are still ghetto (barrio/trailor park) assed proles fighting over crumbs on the floor while the elites eat the feast at the table.

Am I mad that Donald Trump is the newly elected President? (Actually, I voted for myself as a write-in candidate.)
Nah, I loved the eighties.

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brohammas said...

Gordon Gecko? Naw. This dude is trying to be Hugh Heffner but just can't get it quite right.