Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Bet 10 Billion People Watch the Oscars. Period.

Thank you Donald Trump.
You diversified the Oscars in less than a week in office. #oscarstooblack

And thank you for not letting it be for the portrayals of the slop seen in movies like 'Precious' Hattie McDaniel and the overweight 'mammy' imagery should have been played-out a long time ago.
Nate Parker's 'The Birth of a Nation'? Nope.
Tyler Perry's 'Boo; A Madea Halloween'? Thank goodness, no.

Films like; 'Lion', 'Fences', 'Moonlight' and 'Hidden Figures' all add a bit of color to this year's nominations without pandering to the lowest common denominator or perpetuating stereotypes.

Thank you President Trump.
Denzel Washington (Best Actor - 'Fences'), Mahershala Ali (Best Supporting Actor - 'Moonlight') and Barry Jenkins (Best Director - 'Moonlight') all had a chance to work in Hollywood this year since you scared all of the drug-dealing, disease-ridden, criminal illegals back to Mexico.

And thank you Mr President for allowing Black women to be so well represented this year.
The Democrats weren't doing anything for Blacks - it took a Republican to make a difference.

Ruth Negga (Best Actress - 'Loving')
I had only previously seen her in 'World War Z' as a WHO doctor. And everyone knows that The Donald likes hot women - and yeah, she's hot

Naomie Harris (Best Supporting Actress - Moonlight)
 Even as a Voodoo Queen Ms Harris is still sexy.
In '28 Days Later', 'Miami Vice' (remake), 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (2 films), 'Ninja Assassin' plus as Miss Moneypenny in two Bond films..... I'd always ask, 'Who is THAT woman?'.
Yeah, I think Mr Trump had something to do with getting this hottie an Oscar nod.
For good measure he threw in Viola Davis ('Fences') and Octavia Spencer ('Hidden Figures') in the same category in an effort to ensure that everyone knows that he values and supports Black women.

As everything that went wrong in America was the fault of former president Obama - I'm sure we can all agree that everything that goes right can only be attributed to the foresight and iron will of a true American like Donald Trump.
Thank you President Trump.

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