Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't Hate the Playa'

Donald Trump doesn't hate Black people - he probably just disregards your unproductive broke ass.
Trump (Do I really need to refer to him as 'President Trump'? Or did that need for a title just apply to Obama and his followers?) may be an ass-hole but that's okay - we're used to it.
Trump is a p.i.m.p..!

Let's take a quick look at Trump and all his hip-hop inspired swaggerism.

 Trump had a clothing line - P-Diddy had a clothing line.

 Fiddy has Vitamin Water - Trump has Trump Ice Spring Water.

 Diddy has Ciroc - Trump has Trump Winery.

Trump sold beef - rappers are notorious for beefs.

Trump's woman posed nude - shiiiiid,  there is a whole franchise devoted to rappers who ended up with former strippers.

(No comparison here. I just liked this photo of Ivanka)

'...Grab her by her pussy....'
Oh please - one can insert this verse into almost any current hip-hop song.

Exaggerations, hyperbole, embellishments, misinformation, disinformation, mendacity, .....
Aren't these all common in the hip-hop world?

The truth is - y'all don't hate Trump.
You admire him in all his pimpalicious ways.
You just resent the fact that he is able to do the things you can't do.
That he gets to get away with what you wish you could.
That he can spit the most offensive verses and still sell to the masses.

Y'all don't hate Trump - you respect his hustle. (At least you should)
You're mad at him just like you're mad at the former dope boy who became a rapper and who now is worth millions.
You resent him because his behavior may come across as being indecorous but his street-cred and wealth allows him to give zero-fucks.
*Sure, he often uses 'dicksisms' (Did I get that word right Big Don? Until you threw it out there I didn't know it was a thing with all you shorties at Stormfront.) when he loses an argument but that's apparently common for those with a low IQ.
Y'all THOTs talk about his comb-over while you spent your rent money on that Brazilian hair-hat.

Trump won by stealing the concept behind NWA's most popular hit.
'Fuck the PO-lice' was essentially saying, 'Fuck the establishment'.

Trump won by appropriating more Black culture than did Rachel Dolezal.
Sure, they both tanned and altered their hair in some way but at least Trump never actually went as far as claiming to be Black.

Y'all don't really hate Trump - you just hate the game.


CNu said...

lol, brilliant bruh..., and thanks for all them tig'ole Trump biddies....,

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brohammas said...

yeah... I don't like the game.