Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Looks Are Subjective

 I missed the recent Miss Universe pageant but I did catch the end to watch Stephan Harvey announce the winner.

Oops, wrong photo.
I meant that I did get to catch Steve Harvey announce the correct winner.

Yes, Miss France won the title - the first European winner in decades.
Sure she's lovely and probably deserved to win but I actually liked the other taller finalists better.

Miss USA is pretty enough but if I was walking passed her I probably wouldn't turn around to get a better look.

I did think Miss Brazil was pretty hot though. Miss Brazil was involved in some controversy because some were upset that a Black woman was chosen to represent their country on the international level.

I also liked Second Runner-up Miss Colombia.

But Miss Haiti was my favorite.

It seems that the Miss Haiti chosen to represent Haiti at the Miss Universe pageant is different from the ones chosen for the Miss World and the Miss International pageants.
I guess each pageant has it's own favored standard of beauty.

Miss Universe Final 13;
Miss USA
Miss France
Miss Philippines
Miss Canada
Miss Tailand
Miss Kenya
Miss Haiti
Miss Colombia
Miss Panama
Miss Peru
Miss Mexico
Miss Indonesia
Miss Brazil.

Five (USA, Haiti, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia) Black finalists out of twelve?

While the finalists seem diverse (as should be expected in a pageant that represents a world where Caucasians are the minority) - the phenotypic features of most finalists were still somewhat influenced by a eurocentric standard of beauty.

(*What's funny is that some in Brazil would be offended by a Black representative in the pageant.
This is the same country that has contestants recreate the Last Supper for its Miss Bum-Bum competition.
The only image that could be seen as more offensive would be the Mary Magdalene as a Stripper meme.)

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John Kurman said...

Imagine Miss Bum-Bum Judas on your resume.