Tuesday, November 3, 2015

White People Won't Let Us?

I don't usually like Black blogs - all they seem to do is whine and complain about how somebody white is keeping them down.
Their lists of their types of victimhood and the Liberal and African-American Studies-influenced catchphrases seem endless while their actionable intelligence seems limited. (To the point where they have no ability to create and/or sustain any real change - the only real 'power' they possess is the ability to boycott, protest or write about problems. i.e. Ta-Nussy Coates)
Their apoplectic ranting resembles that of little children throwing temper tantrums after hearing the news that their candy was taken away from them by persons they have no strength nor ability to resist.

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, now I know who I am dealing with the next time I have to sit through another meeting with powerless Black politicians who always seem to blame their failings on whites who 'won't let(?) us have nothin'. (Or the next time someone in a position of authority is attempting to regain his street-cred after losing everything after he sold out and bought into and was used and tossed away by the powers that be.)

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