Thursday, November 5, 2015

How We Do

When a white dude (Jeff) wearing a wifebeater and cowboy hat, and confederate flag and racist slogan tattoos, and from Jasper (A town (in)famous for the dragging death of a Black man)  accidentally stops into my club and declares that he must be lost - I get a little worried. No, not for our safety, but for his.

Since being down South, I've been plenty of places where the owners and patrons acted as though I was unwanted. I did not want my patrons to make this redneck hillbilly feel the same way. We are better than that.
The thing is; many of my patrons are into motorcycles, they know Country music, many have served in the military, and most are into Zydeco and trailrides. Most of my patrons (even the dope boys and ballers) are country boys at heart. Most of my patrons could find common ground with the man.

It was our Karaoke night (With an hour break so that the customers could watch 'Empire'.) and Jeff wanted to sing 'Fat Bottomed Girls' but he didn't know the artist. ''Queen'. That song comes before 'Bicycle' on the album.', I said as I walked by to tend to other customers.
Our Karaoke host assured Jeff that she had some Queen in her books and goaded him until he gave us his drunken rendition inspired by all the callipygian shapes on the women which surrounded him.

The dude was terrible, but he put on a good show. Drinks and rounds were bought and no one was made to feel unsafe or unwanted. Jeff drank so much that he passed out.
When it was time to close, Jeff was too drunk to drive and miles from home.
'We got this John.', a few of his newfound drinking buddies said.
It was at this time that two Houston rappers and their crew took Jeff to a hotel, parked his car and made sure that all of his belongings were on his person.

Jeff woke up this morning hungover and amazed that no one took advantage of him and that he was unharmed. My inbox message from Jeff''s sister/girlfriend/wife (?) thanking us for our service was unexpected (but expected).

At my club, everyone is VIP. Even those who do not expect it.

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John Kurman said...

I like this. You all not only took care of yourselves, you also took care of someone else, which would be - or should be - the definition of patriot in our America.