Monday, November 9, 2015

Black Lives (Don't) Matter

Until they do.

The apoplectic responses to perceived (and real) racially stained slights seem all to common these days.
'Justice or else'? Or else what? Or else you'll continue to whine and complain that no one in real power sees you as their equal?
'Black lives matter'? Do they really? What have you given up to prove this? Besides effete prose (Ta-Nussy Coates) and blog posts - what work have you actually done within the communities you claim to value?
'Million Man March'? Ninja-pa-lease! That was as effective as listening to the many gospel concerts and affirmational motivational speaches y'all pay your 'pastors' millions to watch in an effort to live vicariously through his pimped-out 'church' services.

The reason you have to repeat to yourselves that 'Black Lives Matter' is because they don't.
All the lies that your mama told you about you all being 'kings', 'bosses', 'divas', 'queens' and in some way 'special' were that - just lies told to you so that you could feel better about yourself (without having to do the work or make the sacrifices required to actually BE special - in any measurable way).

Black Lives Don't Matter.
Until they do.

The James Blake incident was the best thing that could have happened for your cause. Mr Blake is seen as 'Black' and not as 'just another ninja' '. Mr Blake is in a position to matter. Mr Blake's temperament and poise allows him to speak to power in a way that power is compelled to listen.

And now Black Mizzou football players matter.
These kids bring something to the table.
These guys have formed a group with a collective power that has the ability to facilitate change without violence.
These young men decided to start a fight from a position of power wherein they can make demands instead of your sissy-assed African-American Studies-inspired begging.
These young men control a product that has value.
These young men formed alliances across racial lines which will allow their message to go beyond that of their chosen discipline.
These young men are MAKING their lives matter.

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brohammas said...

And.... they win. Not in that racism is gone, but in that the president stepped down.