Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Priced Out of Employment

I say that we SHOULD raise the minimum wage to $15 hr .
My lowest paid employees already make as much - even those receiving tips.

No more Shequillas, Pablos or Laqueenameishas rolling their eyes and talking on their phones when all I want is a number two.
All these protests are a joke.
At $15 an hour, automation and a smaller more competent workforce would price most of these undereducated and underskilled workers unnecessary.
At $15hr, maybe I could get a smile and professionalism and good service.
At $15hr, most of those who are currently protesting will be on unemployment.

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Miles said...

...Or end up in a government contracted third party collections agency as a customer service rep...True story. I'm not sure it's the pay. Even if those employees made $30/hr I don't think their attitude about their work will change because at the end of the week, month, hell, even at the end of their working career all they've received is a paycheck meant for bill collectors knocking at their doors and calling their pre-paid cell phones.

If better quality service is wanted there has to be more--otherwise even with pay increase the customer will always receive less.