Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Status - I Don't Understand

I never knew that a woman's weave was seen as a symbol of status?
I have a cocktail waitress (not pictured here but just as ratchet) who was embarrassed that her new summer-weave was too short.
Sure, it was Virgin Remi - but to some, the length of ones weave is a sign of having money.
The problem was: the girl was picking up extra shifts so that she could afford to buy hair that she cannot really afford.
The girl was willing to be broke in order to appear 'rich'.
Guys buying cars they cannot afford to insure, maintain or even keep gas in, women buying $1700.00 handbags with only $17.00 in them, and women buying someone else's hair (and no longer even having to pretend that it is their own) and going broke doing so...
I'm sorry, but the ghetto/ratchet/hood culture is one that is beyond my understanding.


CNu said...


CNu said...

How you let these chickenhead jiggaboos out of Beaumont without adult supervision?!?!?!?!

uglyblackjohn said...

Aw Craig.. That's Beaumont, California not Texas. (Although Beaumont, California IS near my home town of Riverside.)

CNu said...

Dayyum..., and there I was so hoping for the small world connection. Oh well...,