Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Giant Robot

I enjoy movies - some of them terrible.
With a new version of Godzilla coming out, I decided to teach my girlfriend's son a thing or two about Sci-Fi monster movies.
Epix has been showing a lot of the classic monster movies lately.
Hours of bad special effects, dubbed lines and story lines which are a stretch for any imagination are just a DVR away. (Godzilla on Monster Island or Godzilla Versus Monster X being my favorites.)

But the saddest series of the genre would have to be the final scene of Giant Robot.
Sure, Kimba talking to the ghost of his dead father was a tear jerker - and no, Bambi's mother getting killed in a fire was for wimps - the saddest scene of any movie or television series I remember watching as a kid was when Giant Robot refused to heed the commands of his master, Johnny Sakko, in order to save the world.
After watching all 26 episodes of the series, the saddest words I could bear were...
"Giant Robot, come back! We need you here...!"


John Kurman said...

You know, Johnny Sakko and Giant Robot had no relationship outside of work.

brohammas said...

I have never seen Giant Robot... unless you count that one Beastie Boys video.

Tom said...

It was the best. It wasn't on regularly, we had to make do with Ultraman most of the time, but it was great.