Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The "Expert" ?

The club is doing extremely well, and on a consistent basis.
I'm still giving away more than others make, still paying my employees more than any other club in town, still driving my old work car to work (It has more to do with security than it does with humility.), still asked for advice and guidance from other business owners, I still have a solid reputation and I still hate nightclubs.
I'm referred to as the 'King Maker' by local politicians because I have a ninety percent success rate when I endorse a candidate.
I'm asked to sit on the boards of charitable foundations, asked to become an honorary member of clubs and fraternities, asked to support causes...
Everyone who is 'someone' in this town treats me well.

But herein lies the problem.
I am now seen as an Expert.
As a local celebrity.
I hate "Experts".
Experts believe that they always know best, that they are more important than others, that they no longer have a need to learn, listen or to be humble.
Experts are overconfident and lazy.
Experts are overpaid and under performing.
Experts, are pretty much useless.


brohammas said...

You have an unfair view of "Experts". tainted by self proclaimed experts perhaps? Sometimes an individual does in fact know more about a subject than most everyone else. Some people are unusually good at a certain thing and have long standing experience in that one thing. Those are experts, no matter who deems them so. I find experts very useful as I want to learn from people who know more than I do.

Now of course being an expert does not make you better than anyone, or infallible, just useful in a specific area.

CNu said...

How about a new challenge to test the limits of your expertise?

What I wrote to Ed and Vic:

Gentlemen, this is the coolest greek letter organization and of its chapters - this is the coolest chapter - comprised almost exclusively of the children of extremely wealthy and powerful foreign nationals. I have many warm and fond recollections of time well spent in that house.

IMOHO - the name should simultaneously refer to a place and to a thing or concept. "No. 6"

If you have to ask, you don't need to know.

Please count me in if you gentlemen are serious about doing something with this. We should also loop in UglyBlackJohn - right up front on this one.

Anonymous said...

People have high expecrations of experts. Which can ve intimidatibg as well as work intensive. Experts have to study to always be on the cutting edge of their subject. Otherwise the expertise becomes stale. Its not easy being an 'expert' . But it is satisfying.:)
Desert from PR :)

Val said...

You really have a way with making a good situation sound awful, UBJ. Lol

Anonymous said...

@Val: :D
Desert from PR

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