Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Holy Trinity ?

 Back in the day, there were three people one could not speak poorly of.
Many Black homes displayed an image of the 'Holy Trinity' of the time.
While there are no posters devoted to today's version of those deemed too sacred - many within certain Black communities will fight you tooth and nail if any critical utterance contains the names of thee hollowed beings.

(But what seems odd is that so many Black women are quick to jump on Oprah.)


Val said...

Great post, UBJ.

Constructive Feedback said...

More important that many "Black communities" won't utter a critical word - is the fact that the same people in these "Black Communities" after several decades of investing their "Black Community Development Fund" proceeds into these coffers lack the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES to STAND ON THEIR OWN if they did decide to break ranks and treat these establishment figures AS IF they now held the "Imperialist Positions" that the people of the past once held when Black people's LACK OF DEVELOPMENT was due to unchecked molestation.

Today it is DIVERSION

Skummelskog Trollbutt said...

What is the goal of this blog? Just curious.