Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm pretty sure that Obama was referring to the attacks in Libya when he spoke of 'acts of terror..'.
I somehow doubt that he was referring to the score from the Monday Night Football game a couple of days prior or anything else that was going on in the world the day the press conference was called.
But maybe Obama's restraint and gracious manner of speaking is lost on most of the hawkish Republicans who seem to be looking for a chink in Obama's Teflon suit.
Maybe they expected a knee jerk reaction and an off the cuff comment that condemned all Muslims and Middle Easterners for being terrorists.
Maybe Fox News sees weakness in the Romney campaign and they have decided to shift the focus to a non-issue like the use of the word 'terrorist'.

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John Kurman said...

They (they being the oligarchs who wish to enslave youand me and all subsequent generations until the end of time, amen) were really hoping that the Libya thing would become the October surprise. Problem is, as I see it, most people have figured out that conservatives are venal, selfish, self-interested Randian sociopathic cocksuckers, just like they been advertising as if it were a good thing to be, and so they are realize that Romney's gonna get beaten like a drum come Nov. and are just gearing up for Obama's impeachment proceedings later in his term.